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    ML IMPORT was founded in July 2005. The main sphere of the company’s activities is to manufacture and import different goods from abroad. Our company is staffed with professionals, having high level work experience. We have rigorous and scientific enterprise management system.

    Main consumers of our production are state and local organizations. Till May 2008 from its foundation Ltd ML IMPORT has won 45 state tenders for producing and supplying different kinds of products.

    Priority course of company’s activities is manufacturing and selling the following products.
  • Park Benches,
  • Cast iron accessories,
  • School Desks,
  • Outdoor Playground,
  • Construction Materials (plywood, scaffoldings, metal door, betopan...),
  • Poles for street lighting,
  • Office Containers...
    Despite a short period activity the group gathered a great experience and gained a status of a reliable partner among local and foreign partners.

    Main principles of our works are:
  • Decency,
  • Reliability,
  • To fairly perform its obligations and conditions,
  • High professionalism,
  • Readiness to give all possible support to partners in different situations.
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